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In addition to weddings and birthdays, we also want to offer unforgettable experiences to business customers. 

What corporate events is J-Men suitable for?

For example, for Christmas parties, recreation days or various customer events.

Why J-Men?

Agility our compact configuration fits even in small spaces. We bring with us everything you need, from sound reproduction to lights, so that you can focus on celebrating. For the biggest parties, our lineup can be expanded to a four- or five-person band.


Versatility- our experience in different music styles both in cover bands and in the background of artists makes the songs sound authentic and keeps the dancers on the dance floor.  Versatility is also the ability to relate the playing and the volume to even challenging spaces (for example, a corner of the office or a restaurant with many echoes). Our instrument repertoire can also be modified into an acoustic ensemble if you wish.

Reliability - transparent and clear communication from the first contact to invoicing is important to us. The evening runs professionally from the time you arrive at the party venue until the light signal!

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